We hope you like this range of exhibitions that we have organised over the past ten years. We welcome your feedback. If you would like to get in touch please contact us at info@nppalestine.org. To see the captions simply hover your mouse over each image.

Women of Palestine

This exhibition highlights the skill and variety of Palestine’s women photographers in both Gaza and the Occupied territories.

In the Jordan Valley

When Netanyahu threatened to annex the Jordan Valley, NPP’s Mohammed Zwahre went along to take a look.

Pandemic Under Apartheid

The COVID pandemic did not discriminate in who it affected. However, Israel’s system of Apartheid meant that resources to fight the pandemic were prioritised in favour of Israeli citizens. Palestinians came second in the distribution of medicines and hospital beds.

Toxic Occupation

The effects of climate change are wreaking havoc with agricultural land in Palestine – especially when it is polluted by the policies ovf the Israeli state.

Children of the Bedoin

Mohammed Zwahre took his camera into the South Hebron Hills to document the attempts by the Occupation to deprive Bedouin children of education there by tearing down their schools. Parents and friends gather at night, though, to rebuild the schools.


Here our great friend, Aiyah Sebay, considers the significance of the martyr in Palestinian culture.

Humans of Palestine

Taking our lead from the legendary “Humans of New York” exhibition, we focussed here on the humanity that underlies the Palestinian spirit.

The Art of the Wall

The use of the apartheid wall as a canvas for a wide range of artistic endeavours is well known. Banksy has been well known visitor, but the wealth of local talent should also be appreciated. Here we show a cross-section of wall – and street – art

Home Away from Home

In 2023, we were honoured to receive Najib Joe Hakim from San Francisco as a guest in Scotland.Najib brought this exhibition, which expertly interweaves his own story of exile with those of other Palestinians living in the Bay Area of San Fransisco.

The Occupation of Innocence

In this exhibition Sabrine Mukarkar-Zeidan portrays the lives of Palestinian children, posing the question: can innocence survive in a country where children are systematically oppressed by a brutal occupying power?